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"Alicia helped me tremendously with severe and debilitating pain. I was suffering from what I believed was Sciatic pain from my low back all the way down my leg to the back of my knee. I wasn't sure how I injured it, but knew I was almost paralyzed to even walk without being in pain. I had only 2 sessions with Alicia until my pain was almost completely gone. The first session was very intense because of my soreness, but gentle enough to handle and still be relaxing. She made sure to go after the pain in the middle of the session so that I could relax at the beginning and for the last fifteen minutes. The second session the next day was even more amazing, I could feel my muscles letting up and relaxing as she worked. I could actually feel her massage the pain away! I was sore that evening, but woke up the next day with almost no pain, then no pain at all the following day. I know my recovery was from her massage. Her touch is firm where you need work, and gentle where you need relaxation. Her touch was so confident and intuitive, I had no issue on her delivering too little or too much pressure. It was as if she could read my body to know what worked. Also, I am pregnant, so she was fabulous at knowing exactly how I needed to be positioned and exactly what spots to avoid. I would recommend Alicia to everyone and anyone I know. Whether it was for relaxation, or in my case, suffering from pain. I will be seeing her many times again in the future."


Ana Reed

Snellville, GA



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